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Dr. Sanda Erdelez Named 2015 ASIS&T SIG USE Outstanding Contribution Award Winner

June 4, 2016

It is our great pleasure to announce that Dr. Sanda Erdelez has been chosen as the 2015 ASIS&T SIG USE Award Winner for Outstanding Contribution to Information Behavior Research. Dr. Erdelez’s work on opportunistic discovery of information has had an ongoing and significant impact in the field of information behaviour research. Her Information Encountering Model is highly cited and has changed how we think about incidental information acquisition. Her contributions to the SIG USE Symposium on theoretical frameworks, followed by her role as co-editor (with Karen Fisher and Lynne McKechnie) of the book Theories of Information Behavior, has had a remarkable influence on information behavior research. The founding Director of the Information Experience Lab at the School of Information Science and Learning Technologies, University of Missouri, Dr. Erdelez is now Chair of the Library and Information Science Program. Dr. Erdelez has worked on research projects funded by the US National Institutes of Health, National Science Foundation, Dell Corporation and Southwest Bell.

We are pleased to honor Dr. Erdelez with the 2015 ASIS&T SIG USE Outstanding Contribution to Information Behavior Research Award. As a recipient of this Award, Dr. Erdelez was also inducted into the ASIS&T SIG USE Academy of Fellows.

2015 ASIS&T SIGUSE Awards Winners

June 4, 2016

Elfreda A. Chatman Research Proposal Award ($1000)

Recipients: Debbie Rabina & Emily Drabinsky
Affiliation: Pratt Institute
Title: A Blueprint for Information Intervention for Incarcerated People

Student Travel Award ($500)

Recipient #1: Leslie Thomson
Affiliation: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Recipient #2: Sarah Chizari
Affiliation: University of South Carolina

Recipient #3: Danielle Pollock
Affiliation: University of Tennessee

Interdisciplinary Travel Award ($200)

Recipient: Jenna Hartel
Affiliation: University of Toronto

Best Information Behavior Conference Paper Award ($200)

Recipients: Grace YongJoo Jeon & Soo Young Rieh
Affiliation: University of Michigan
Title: Social Search Behavior in a Social Q&A Service: Goals, Strategies, and Outcomes

Best Information Behavior Conference Poster Award ($200)

Recipient: Leslie Thomson
Affiliation: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Title: When PIM Goes Public: A Case Study of OrganizedLikeJen

Innovation Award:

No Award Given

2016 Joint SIG-USE/SIG-SI Symposium

June 4, 2016

 Information Forthcoming


2016 Symposium Planning Committee


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